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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8710 9

Hey everyone Jason Schaffer here of m0 alongside good friend Sean Mullan the president the owner of elite flight training here in Las Vegas Nevada were sitting in his office now and we're talking checkride stuff in fact if you came to do a check ride with Sean missus probably right where you set so it might be familiar for some people watching this but Sean we wanted to chat a little bit we've talked about what to expect on a check ride but run me through that check ride process I mean start me with the the the paperwork and everything how the paperwork has changed you and I come from the 8710 background although this i acro things taken over run me through all this so I think the one of the most important things to understand is that there are some formalities that have to be met the biggest things to talk about is that we have the paperwork issue so we need to validate who you are how you received your training who received who you received your training from we get that stuff from your logbook we have the 8710 or the I Acker which is probably 99.9% of check rides are accomplished through these days and then once we understand that we have all the paperwork with us now we have to make sure that it's filled out correctly and this is one of the most frustrating things not so for me because I understand it happens but for a student and for an instructor it is just I think sometimes it becomes a barrier for some people to get through but they just don't meet the qualifications and I think that's one of the things we wanted to talk about was you know we've had applicants for commercial check rides or Private Pilot check rides that interpreted the rules differently and didn't ask anyone until they showed up and they thought that they could fly at night and under the hood all at the same time and count those towards all the requirements yeah whereas you know it's a little hard to navigate via outside references at night if you're wearing the hood as well right and it may go in your logbook correctly but it doesn't meet the requirements of this subpart so when you look at the requirements it says you must receive training in the areas of operation or much receive the required training per dysregulation your logbook is a great place to put it but I don't think it covers enough detail sometimes and without that detail it becomes a question in the answer game of us trying to figure out to make sure that we understand where you go ya know it sounds like - that we spent a lot of time on the ground if we had divided up a check right how much would you say is paperwork how much is the actual oral exam and how much is the flight oh man it's I would say the paperwork and the formalities and the briefings that we must give probably accomplished I would say 25 to 30 percent of the test Wow yeah it's it's a lot of preparation and like anything in life the more and the better you are prepared the smooth of the process goes so if we spend 25% of the time...